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Charlene Burks, Administrative Director
Federal & State Compliance Office

Records & Forms Management

The Department of Records & Forms Management oversees the retention and disposition of public records adhering to the guidelines established by the Florida Department of State, Bureau of Archives and Records Management, and manages the District’s forms control management system.

Board Policy 8320 - Records Management details management responsibilities, retention schedule and disposition of the District’s public records, as mandated by F.S. 257.36 – Records and Information Management. Further, it details the establishment of a reports and forms control management system as stipulated in F.S. 1008.385(2)(a)12 – Educational Planning and Information Systems, to eliminate form redundancy and streamline form design throughout the District.


In adherence to the State’s guidelines as detailed in the M-DCPS Records Retention Schedule, the forms itemized below are to be completed and submitted electronically to for the purpose of transferring, retrieving and disposing of records. 


To request a new form, the administrator that oversees the division is to complete the Forms Authorization Request-Administration Only Form (FM-1229) and submit to  for review and approval, for district-wide use.  To revise an existing form, a detailed email specifying the requested modifications along with the form number, is to be submitted electronically to  Authorized forms not revised within a five year period will be obsoleted, and removed from circulation.


To submit queries of Forms and Records, you may access the department’s search engine at:

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